Left to right: Nick Horney, Sammy Schiffman, Burt Higgins, Rob Pearce, Fitzhugh Stout, Harold Muse, Doug  Furman (’67), and Bill Patterson who is a friend of mine who filled in to give us an eight player.  This picture was taken in front of Nick Horney’s house at Holden Beach.  

What is the latest? January 2020

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As you know our esteemed leader and reunion king, Jeff Thomas, has decided to take a well-deserved retirement from planning and organizing our class reunions. The reunions have been so much fun we certainly don’t want to stop having them. Therefore I, Harold Muse, have volunteered to organize a future casual reunion. Anyone that would like to volunteer in my place is welcome to do so and I will be happy to support them 110%. 

In talking to a number of classmates the general consensus is that we do not want to wait until a 55th reunion. My thoughts are that we would have a reunion in 2020 sometime in the fall. This would put us about mid-way between the 50th and any potential 55threunion. The second thought is that we would try to do a no charge/low charge one evening event similar to what we did last time at Ed’s Tavern. Maybe have some group appetizers but people could order whatever they want to drink and eat so each classmate could control their own expenditures. 

The first step is to organize a committee to help with the planning. You have helped in the past and I hope you would be willing to do so again. I am open to any and all ideas but my thought is to make this event as simple and easy for the committee as possible.  We would need to locate people which is always a problem but we do have the list Libbie compiled for the 50th so hopefully that will allow us to contact most people. 

Please let me know if you would be willing to work on the committee in any capacity. I know some of you are not close by (David McLaughlin especially) but we still could use your help in some fashion. Feel free to “reply to all”. However, if you are willing to help but would like to avoid a particular task please email me privately. or

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Meet, Greet and Eat.


We are looking for missing classmates. We want to make sure that we are doing our best to connect with our class. 

Check out our page where we have placed email addresses of all the classmates we have found. If you know anyone that is not on this list, please let me know so we can include them on invitations and news of our classmates. 


Send us a phone number, address or email address and let your classmates know we care about them.