The David McLaughlin Family
Son-in-law Aaron, his wife Morgan, daughter Shannon, Mom Catherine,
daughter Lindsay, and Dad David Bozeman, Montana



Smiling David Crawford...
before he realized he couldn't come to the reunion  : (



Nostalgia" Butch Hirst and one of his many racers.
Todd, North Carolina


 The Bob and Susan Miles Linsmier family Susan will soon join her husband in Kabul, Afghanistan.
All our best wishes to Susan and Bob! 


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Marie Briggs Howe and friend, Susann in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia in 2000.
They were required to wear the abia (robe)  and had to cover their heads; the locals wore veils, the expats wore hats.


Wild and Crazy Gals!


Girls night in...Maja Banks Norman, Molly Hoffman Furman, and Sherry Griffin Jones settle in at Molly's beach house for a quiet, sedate evening of drinking hot cocoa and knitting. (They wear their sunglasses at night.???)




The Peggy Crowell Seymore Family...L/R - Captain Eric Seymore - son - S.C. Army Guard helicopter pilot; Mom, Peggy; Dad - Eric - CW5 S.C. Army National Guard helicopter pilot Son Andrew lives in Orlando, Fla.
A big thanks to Eric and Eric for their service to our country! 



Nick Horney (on the right) and brother Bob (MP '66 from Colorado)
biked 500 miles across N.C. with "1200 of Nick's closest friends".
They left Black Mountain on 9/27 and arrived Oak Island on 10/4.
This was taken in Lumberton, N.C. where they were met by the Mayor.
Congratulations Nick and Bob!!  And what kind of vitamins did you say y'all take???



Margaret Townsley and husband, Ernie Lewis, in September
 on beautiful Santorini in Greece.

Oh my very favorite place!


Who Dat?


Cousins Martha Ann Cole Daniel and Troy Alexander Topper in Costa Rica. They took a horseback ride at Rincon de la Vieja National Park into the rain forest and natural mud baths.
They were steamed in volcanic steam, coated with volcanic mud, crowned with leaves, hosed off, then dipped in a series of pools ranging from hot to finally cold.  "Quite the quintessential Costa Rican experience."



Jackie Wilson Lybrand and husband, Rammy.
They have just moved back to the Charlotte area
to await the birth of their new grandchild.
Congratulations to Jackie and Rammy!



Rhonda Seegal and Peter Jessel Rhonda and Peter are fortunate to have 2 great kids - Matt, 28 and Rebecca, 25.
They wish they could come to the reunion and hope everyone has a great week-end!



The Rev. Sally Johnston with husband, Harold Newfield,  and two of their children, Jessica and John, at her priest ordination in 2005.



The Jim Singer family in 2007 - full of Thanksgiving turkey.
Dad Jim, Mom Sara, daughter Melissa, son Jacob, and son Jay.



Lifelong friends Emily Blackwood Foster and Vicki Elder Ison,
"all gussied up" (and looking gorgeous!) at a party at the Ison's for Emily's daughter before her Deb Ball.



James Battle, 27 and Katie Battle, 22 at Katie's graduation from College of Charleston - Dec. 2007
James is a banker in Atlanta; Katie works for an investment company in London.
Thanks to proud Mom, Suzi Foster Battle for providing the picture!


The Three Amigos!


Ellen Roberts, Holly Kimball, and Sherry Graham October, 2008 - celebrating Holly's birthday.



A mermaid??  No!  It's Holly Kimball Christian!



l/r Cathy Worley Hovis, Sherry Griffin Jones, Gay Williamson Kester '74,
Pixie Gordon Giles '67, Molly Hoffman Furman, Maja Banks Norman|
Blowing Rock, N.C. - October, 2008