Caroline Purnell Tompkins sent in a "montage of her life since college".
She is holding the yearbook from our junior year in front of a picture of her as a beautiful bride and pictures of her 3 lovely daughters - Catherine (29), Sarah (25), and Elizabeth (23).
Our Caroline is getting ready to embark on a very noble cause.  On June 29 she leaves for China to teach English at a university in the western part of the country as a Peace Corps volunteer for 2 years.
Her greatest challenge will be learning Mandarin at the same time.
She will try to keep us updated and would like to hear from anyone in our class who is in the Peace Corps. (



Some attendees to the Furman wedding.  Think they were having a good time?
L/R Barbara Wollman Lovejoy, Carol Knight Rice (East Meck. '67), Christie Clanton Griffin,
Gayle Williamson Kester ('74), Sherry Griffin Jones, Maja Banks Norman, and Cathy Worley Hovis.



The wedding of Molly and Doug ('67) Furman's daughter, Ellen.
L/R Molly, Ellen, Doug, and daughter Lori.  Congratulations!!


Nick Horney's surprise 60th birthday party in Greensboro.
L/R Burt Higgins, Jeff Thomas, Mary Madeline Jones Hibbard.
Harold Muse, Penny Wilson Scott, the birthday boy, and Sammy Schiffman.
Inside joke - Burt came the farthest...



Caroline Purnell Tompkins left for China this summer for two years with the Peace Corps.
This picture was taken after she had been in Chengdu, Sizhuan Province for 3 weeks.   She loves learning the Chinese language and about their culture. This photo is of Caroline with another Peace Corps. volunteer and a local family.
The young woman is one of her students at Sizhuan Normal University
 where Caroline teaches English to English majors. 



This precious picture is of Butch Reynolds' grandangel, 8 mos. old Ryan, and English Bulldog Mattie, 2 mos. old.
They even pray before their bath.

Butch is such a good Granddad.

This is the sweetest picture ever!



October, 2010 - Becky Rollins Cox, Jeff Thomas, and Anita Stonecipher Ashley.



Scott Verner got together with friend Ed Ibarguen to jam with their guitars when in school at UNC - Chapel Hill. They formed the South Wing Band and played regionally in the '70s  pretty much full time.  Their band broke up in late l977.  About 4 yrs. ago they started jamming again and had too much fun to stop. They started writing new songs, practicing regularly, and
 eventually started playing and having an  "absolute blast".  In August 2010 they released their all-original CD "Love Resurrection".  "It's kind of jazz-tinged rock with a blues edge and maybe a hint of funk."  They gig about 4-5 times a year, mostly in the Triangle area  but sometimes around Charlotte. They also played at a street festival in Concord in the summer of 2010.  Their CD release party was at their favorite venue, the ArtsCenter in
Carrboro, NC.  

You can get a taste of their music at  

Scott says to make sure to turn it up - they like it loud.
Congratulations Scott!   It's nice to have such talent in our class

Learn More



Sedgefield Jr. High class of '65 had a reunion on May 21, 2011. This is the reunion committee.
L/R Sherry Griffin Jones, Donna Kinsman Grogin, Damon Hearne, Kathy Worley Hovis,
Chuck Webb, Maja Banks Norman, Kim Curls (friend of Chuck), Sarah Bruton Rhyne,
Hart Hutchison, Michael Ellison, Nancy Jo McDaniel (Harding), and Gaines Brown.
From all accounts the reunion was a huge success.
For information on future reunions contact Hart at



  You may remember that our Carolina Purnell Tompkins went to China with the Peace Corps.
  Here she is meeting with U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman at a consulate celebration in Chengdu.
 This was taken right before she returned home to await  the arrival of her first grandchild - a boy - in May. Congratulations Caroline!



A recent night out with Martha (Jeff) Thomas, Fred Rees ('65),
Mimi McDonald Rees, Helen Webb Godwin, Chris Trotter,
 Vicky Hawes Trotter ('69), David McLaughlin and Jeff Thomas...



This photo was taken at a family reunion in Charlotte last July 2011.   Steve (L)* and David McLaughlin are holding Steve's twin grandkids, a 16 month old boy and girl.   Their father is Steve's oldest son. Steve and his 3 married kids all live in Florida.

David has no grandkids yet.  He has 3 daughters: two of them live in the same town with David so he and Catherine see them often.  Their oldest daughter is married in Seattle.  Their middle daughter is engaged for next July. Their youngest girl in Grad school in Montana.  David still teaches Communications at Montana State Univesity which he has done since 1993 when he retired from the Air Force.               Steve and Catherine (Fayetteville, NC High School, 69) have been married 34 years.



This is Caroline Purnell Tompkins with her adorable grandson, Aiden Glenn Fratangelo - almost five months old.  
Caroline says being a member of the "Grandparents' Club" definitely has its rewards.  Other than babysitting for her grandson, who has just moved from NYC to just up the street from her in Princeton, she keeps busy teaching French at the local community college which she really enjoys. Her students range from 17 to 65!
She and husband Tom are still traveling whenever possible, have trekked through Costa Rica and sailed off the coast of Maine in the past few months.  She sends "best regards to everyone".
Congratulations on that new grandson, Caroline!!  


Here is Bill Lindeman with a few turtles out of his collection. He has a "huge" collection of turtles in his office that people have sent him over the years...



Mollie Culp Elliot and husband Bo with their five precious grandangels.
Wynn (2), Elizabeth (6), Caroline (5), Carter (8), and Clara (1).



This is Jay Fleming's adorable sidekick, Rocky -  ready to go for a ride...



Golfing buddies at a recent outing.
L/R - Hank Williams, Jeff Thomas, Sammy Schiffman, Nick Horney,
Fitzhugh Stout, Burt Higgins, and Harold Muse.
Picture taken by Rob Pierce.



This is Ward and Jody Bursley at the Great Wall of China in 2010.
Ward has just retired from Charter Communications - his last work day was January 27. He is taking a 6 month sabbatical and says he will "do a lot of praying and listening and catching up on my rest before I start the next adventure.  Jody and I are doing a little bit of traveling and she says I am slowly learning to relax. Ward has graciously invited all who visit the Greenville, S.C. area to stay with them.  
"We have a guest bedroom with a private bath ready for you."  His number is 864-349-1943.
Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement, Ward and Jody!!


Harold Muse, Mary Jones Hibbard, and Nick Horney on Mary's birthday, Dec. 23, 2012 ...



One of our classmates - Tony Farris - moved out of town halfway through our Jr. year and is wanting to get in touch with
his long ago classmates.  He went to several Charlotte schools before attending MP for 1 1/2 years.
He lived in Charlotte from 1950 to 1967.  He now resides in Knoxville, Tn.  He attended Dilworth Elem. from 1956 to 1958 (grades 1 & 2).  He attended MP Elem. from 1958 to 1962 (grades 3-6).  He attended Sedgfield Jr. High from 1962 to 1965 (grades 7-9) and Myers Park High from 1965 to 1967 (10th grade and half of 11th grade) before moving to Nashville, Tn. where he graduated from Antioch HS in 1968.
His e-mail address is .
Here is Tony with Rachel, his bride of 35 years, at his retirement party in July, 2012.  He worked for the Red Cross for 32 years.