Peggy Major Fleming (South Meck) on bottom,
Susan Miles Linsmier on top, and Jay Fleming in the back.
Thankfully Susan is back from Afghanistan safe and sound



This picture was at one of Rob Pierce's daughter's wedding at
 Pawley's Plantation Country Club on Pawley's Island, S.C.
The front row - Madelyn (granddaughter), Robert (grandson) and Mary Pierce (granddaughter).
 Back row - Larry, Catherine (daughter), Kevin, Lauren (daughter) Lynne (wife), Rob,
Tyler (daughter), Paige (granddaughter), and Betty (grandmother).



Front row - Martha Thomas, #3 son Matt and bride Cheryl, and Jeff Thomas.
Back row - sons Jay, Scott, and daughter Taylor...  

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This is Maree Howe standing in the Dead Sea.   She took an "amazing" tour of the Holy Land in May.


 This is the latest Wilson wedding – Memorial Day in Waynesville, N.C.   
From L/R - George Wilson's wife Heidi, George, George's son John and his beautiful bride Meghan, brother Johnny ('66), his wife Sue, George's son Daniel, Johnny’s son Bryan and George's son George, III.  Congratulations to all!! 



Ninna Holbeck was one of the exchange students from Denmark.  She would have loved to come to the reunion but it was too far and bad timing.
"Fantastic time I spent in North Carolina 67/68 - thank you all for that - changed my life and perspective - got globalized already then.  Have a great time at the party.
 I have attached a picture of me from a performance last year at a silver wedding - of course I only perform for people I know and people over 50  very rare occasions.  Among other businesses I ran a belly dance school for more than 20 years and only sold it 2 years ago.
I will start teaching again soon, but only for women over 50. Belly dance is the perfect back and hip training program.
You are welcome to put the pictures on the page with a greeting from me to everybody with thanks for the fantastic times in the late 60´ties
 and wishes for happy reunion for those, who make it to the party.JSMILY"
Ninna Holbeck



This is The Rev. Sally Johnston and her son, Johnston Newfield.  Sally is an Episcopal Priest.
 Last summer Sally took a sabbatical and walked the Camino de Santiago (500 miles across Spain) with her son.
  This picture was taken when they arrived at  the Cathedral of St. James in Santiago last June.
 Her son is 24 and had just graduated from college in Canada so he was able to go with her for the 6 week walk.
  Her daughter Jessica (31) walked with them for the first 10 days but had to return to the states for an internship for business school.  Her husband joined them after they finished for a vacation in Barcelona.



Ron and Lynne Aiken McGarity (in front with scarf) with their 3 children,Robin, Mark and Natalie along with their spouses and children.
They live in Savannah, GA. The picture was taken at Thanksgiving, 2013 on St. Simons Island, GA where Lynne's parents lived.



Nancy Ducker Tuchscherer caught a 20 lb. Merm Flounder at Oak Island, N.C. According to Nancy "they can only be caught by real Mermaids" :)
Great catch, Nancy!

Miss you and your energy!


Back left is Ward Bursley.
  Daughter Carolyn is in front holding Ward and Jody's grandson, James. Beside Carolyn is Ward's wife, Jody. Back right is son-in-law Jason Tompkins. Carolyn is expecting another child on Sept.16 and they have just found out it's going to be a girl. Congratulations to all!


  PGA Retired Golfers

Fitzhugh Stout, Hank Williams, Jeff Thomas, Doug Furman ('67), Nick Horney, Sammy Schiffman, and Burt Higgins



This is Harold Muse's account of a recent golf/boating trip:

On Tuesday morning after Memorial Day Burt Higgins, Fitzhugh Stout
and I boarded Burt’s boat "The Cindy Leigh".  We left Hampton, Va. and headed to Ocean Isle Beach which is about 350 miles by water. We spent one night on the boat in Belhaven, NC and another night in Swansboro, NC before arriving at Ocean Isle Beach on Thursday to meet Nick Horney, Hank Williams, Sammy Schiffman, Jeff Thomas and Doug Furman (’67). Sammy and Jeff flew in with Sammy being the pilot. We arrived by land, sea, and air! There we played golf for two days,  cooked out, and generally had fun.  On Sunday Burt, Fitzhugh and I
 headed north on the Intercontinental Waterway to Oriental where Burt upgraded his crew by replacing Fitzhugh and me with his lovely wife Cindy. 

A great time was had by all!


Here is Caroline Purnell Tompkins and husband Tom in front of the Taj Mahal - having just returned from a trip to Dubai and India. They have had an exciting year of travel - going to Cuba, Africa and Europe in addition to this latest trip.
They are now home to provide free babysitting service for their three grandchildren. 



Terri Scarborough with granddaughter Ellie Anders who is 12
They have lived in Myrtle Beach for 20 years. Tommy is retired and Terri is looking forward to retiring soon.



Tommy Scarborough with grandson John Alec who is 11.

Molly Hoffman Furman with her 10 month old granddaughter,
 Maeve Elaine Douglas...


The late Captain Steven Marc McLaughlin. On August 8, 2014 at Steve's grave are his son Chris and grandson Wyatt.
Thank you Steve, David, and all the Veterans of the Class of  '68 for your service to our country.

Bless your heart - help a Vet...United States Marine Corps



This picture was taken in 1969.
Left is David McLaughlin in his 2nd year at the Air Force Academy.
 On the right is his twin, the late Steven McLaughlin in his 2nd year at the Naval Academy. They both graduated on the same day, 7 June 1972.  David served 21 years in the Air Force;
Steven served 8 years in the Marine Corps.  


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This is a picture of Caroline Purnell Tompkins and family
at her daughter Catherine's wedding at Sanibel Island.
Her other two daughters - Elizabeth on the left and Sarah on the right - were her bridesmaids. Elizabeth is going to be married in July.  Congratulations to the Tompkins family!


 Maree Briggs Howe who has just returned from an 18 day tour of Peru.  It included 5 days in the Amazon Rainforest and 2 days at Machu Picchu. She said she had a wonderful time. Maree has worked on several reunions and has been a great supporter of the web site.
  Thanks Maree!!!