Paula Cushman and her shadow, Brighton, living on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia



Maja Banks Norman and grandson, Jackson.
Isn't this just the prettiest picture?!?


 They just became the proud grandparents of their 6th!! grandchild -
3 boys, 3 girls!
Congratulations Barbara and Michael! 



Doug Glasgow and Carolyn Nodell Glasgow '67 at UNC - Ga. Tech game - Nov. 8, 2008   GO Heels!


Buddy Thomason, our Senior Class President, lives in Denver, Colorado.



In November Susan Miles Linsmier joined husband Bob in Kabul, Afghanistan where Bob is the Deputy Program Manager of Security.  
This is Bob's office, Guard Tower Three (1 of 6), which looks out over Kabul.   It was taken the day Susan qualified with her Berretta 9mm and M4 rifle.  You go girl!  



Susan Rose Marcus and her new horse, Azeite do Vouga, a four year old Lusitano stallion. With them are his Brazilian groomer and rider.  Susan felt so at home at the reunion, she decided to pack up house and business, put her horse in a trailer and move from Miami to Charlotte. Welcome back home to Charlotte, Susan!

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From New Mexico, Lewis Hawkins
with daughter Kennis, 29 and son Sander, 25.



Ward Bursley and wife, the former Jody Ferguson, at daughter Susan's graduation - May 10, 2008.  
Jody is the cousin of our late classmate, Bob Ferguson.



Nothing like April in St. Maarten at the Sunset Beach Bar!
Pixie Gordon Giles and Cathy Worley Hovis in front. L/R Sherry Griffin Jones, Molly Hoffman Furman, Gay Williamson Kester, Christie Clanton Griffin, Carol Knight Rice (East Meck. '68), and Maja Banks Norman.
The water is almost as pretty as the ladies!



Remember Kathy Nivens?  She went to A.G. then Myers Park her sophmore year before moving.
Here's Kathy Nivens Campbell at her lovely home in Florence, S.C. for the wedding of their daughter.
L/R is daughter Martha (24), Kathy's husband David, bride Mary Ellen (32), Kathy, and David Jr.(26).
Kathy is looking forward to coming to our 60th birthday reunion. Won't it be great to see her!?!



Here is Mary Catherine Rendleman Edwards after picking a beautiful "Bastille Day Bouquet" from her garden. She spent 30 years as a professional violinist in big cities such as St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Boston. She is now living in Salisbury, N.C. - a "lovely spot" which allows her to enjoy gardening and art in the summer. During the school year she teaches orchestra at Eastway Middle and McClintock - now high poverty schools. She hopes through her gift of music these kids will have a chance to find a voice.
Mary Catherine has 2 daughters - Rebecca (32) an attorney in Chicago and Elizabeth (27) an Engineering Doctoral candidate at Stanford University in California. You can find Mary Catherine on facebook as Mary-Catherine Edwards. Congratulations Mary Catherine on your many achievements!


Guess who? Oh  young love. Click next page to see who is this cute  couple



That sweet couple on the previous page was Ward Bursley and fiance Jody Ferguson at an event at West Point. Thirty-six years later, Ward and Jody Ferguson in July, 2008. They were introduced by Jody's cousin, our late classmate Bob Ferguson.They have "3 beautiful daughters" - Sarah, Carolyn and Susan - and live in Simpsonville, S.C.



Jay Fleming and wife, Peggy Major Fleming (South Meck. '68) along with their dog, Rocky. They moved back from Florida in 2005 and live in beautiful Banner Elk, N.C.



Sherry Griffin Jones at Uncle Harry's Restaurant in St. Marteen -
  a "fabulous restaurant on a pier in the water".
Her luscious looking little friend was a 3 pounder.  Yummmmmm!



The Nick Horney family in - where else - Horneytown!
L/R wife Rhonda, daughter Amanda, 20 year old student at UNC-Wilmington, daughter Chandler, 16 year old student at Grimsley H.S. in Greensboro, and of course, classmate Nick Horney. Horneytown, near High Point, consists of a few stores,
a volunteer fire department and an intersection.  It is on Horneytown Rd.
The Horney family is "real thrilled" to make the annual trek to Horneytown.
It's a trend now - this trip makes it two years in row. Gosh, who could blame them?? 


Yes, there is a place called HorneyTown!



Alumni Reid Harris with his darling grandbabies - 1 year old grandson Lanford, and 5 year old granddaughter Haynie. They are Reid's son Page's children.  Page is a landscape architect in Savannah.
Looks like they're crazy about Granddad!



The George and Heidi Wilson family - summer 2009.
L/R - hers - twin Emily, Jessica, and twin Laura -
 Heidi and George and his - Daniel, John, and George III.
  What a beautiful family!