Hi Classmates,

I will be updating the webpage now. Thanks to Sally Helms for doing it for 10 years or more. Since I am in the driver's seat I can use my best picture from 2000. Since I don't get paid that is the least I can ask for. 

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Catherine Hailey Babin, Kitty's oldest daughter, who owns her own interior design company , Hailey Design, in Alexandria, VA.  Also, her sweet June, who is the light of her life. Kitty has YaYa Camp every summer in Durham for June.


Meredith Hailey, Kitty's youngest daughter, who teaches 2nd grade in San Antonio, Texas.

Harold Muse holding court

Harold Muse holding court!


Burt Higgins with a big cigar!



Gary Babcock, Steve Neal, and George Wilson after breakfast.
Chris Tull and Tim Beaver, among others, in the background



A proud looking bunch here!
Terch Whitesides, Fitzhugh Stout, Nick Horney, and Hank Williams



Penny Wilson Scott, Frank Scott, Tim Beaver, and Jeff Thomas having dinner.



Darn nice Redfish caught by Chuck Webb on Kiawah Island!  Yeah, but you should have seen the one that got away!



Sammy Schiffman - Working hard or hardly working?



The happy occasion of the marriage of Steve McLaughlin's daughter.
Son Chris, Steve, the bride Megan, wife Kathy, son Brian and his wife, Lori. Wedding in May at monastery in Poblet, Spain that dates from 1100.  Great smiles all around.



Caroline Purnell Tompkins and husband, Tom.
We have a star among us!  Caroline is co/host of a local weekly cable show inPrinceton, N.J.